Monday, August 8, 2011

Anxiety....and a few ideas to share...

So..I have not posted lately (or stalked my fav blogs) because I have been experiencing that overwhelming feeling I used to get when I am getting ready to go back to college...except I am going to be teacher! I am very confident in my ability to be a teacher--but all this setting up/trainings/etc. is really starting to get me very nervous! I can't wait for school to start--I just hope I get it all done in time. My furniture that we built is assembled and the final coat is drying as I type. I was able to find some used things from a few friends--such as student mailboxes and a lot of great resource books. I am able to start getting in and setting up my classroom this week and next--so keep your eye out for some pictures! Very excited to see how my plan in my head is going to pan out in that bare space....givin' it all the TLC I got!

Since I don't really have much to post yet--all my docs/projects are still in progress...I figured I would share past bulletin board ideas that I used while student teaching. I am so lucky that I get to be back in the SAME ROOM in which I student taught...LOVE to recycle ideas and old supplies!!!
 Our Classroom Flag -- I came into the classroom mid-year so I introduced myself using the concept of a flag and how different countries use flags to represent their lifestyle/culture/history/etc. and how we can do the same as individuals---they all created their own flags and then we connected them together to show how even though we are all different--we are each are a part of one, united classroom!

 This was created during "I love to read!" month. Can you spot the two classroom doors? Received so many compliments for this creation! Was one of my favorites! Each student decorated their own mug with a representation of their favorite book.
 Fraction Man was an idea of my cooperating teacher. This helps students see how different fractional parts make up one whole. They loved it!
 American Revolution
 We Grew a Great Year! Each flower petal has a topic that was covered throughout the year.
Not very academic--but very seasonal! ("Winter is "snow" much fun!")

Til next time!


  1. You already have great ideas to use for this upcoming year! You will be GREAT!! :)

  2. From a fellow 4th grade teacher, good luck this year! You have passion and that will take you very far!

  3. I teach writing k-4 and I am always on the lookout for 4th grade blogs. Nice job! I actually have your blog on the side of my blog for teachers to see a good example of a 4th grade BLOG!