Friday, August 12, 2011

Freebie Friday! 10+ followers :)

Anyone else feeling that overwhelming sense of anxiety taking over yet?? Holy smokes. Somebody help me! LOL

Spent two days in my classroom so far and felt like I accomplished nothing! But it is coming somewhat together..


My behavior management chart--clothespins with students names on them will be attached---I had clothespins with cars on them (different colors) --but it was WAY too busy/overwhelming to look after the third time of me redoing the board I decided to just use plain pins.


I am using these on my white board with magnetic tape -- next to them will be the topics/lessons that correspond with the subject for the day.

Inside a laminated library pocket on each student's desk will be 5  Popsicle sticks: one red, one green, one yellow, and two blue. The blue will their bathroom sticks. When they have to use the restroom they will raise their stick--if it is an appropriate time they insert their stick into the bathroom jar next to the sign out sheet. This limits the # of times in the bathroom and also adds a neat way to see your "frequent flyers" more concretely. These sticks will have their numbers on them. The progress sticks are somewhat described on the poster...but, they will be used when students are doing independent practice. When I tell students to place a progress sticks in their pencil cubby--I will be able to visualize which students need my assistance faster and without all their little arms going numb. When students monitor their own understanding, you can't go wrong!

These will hang from the ceilings to identify the different table groups. (6 groups of 5 students each) 
If you would like your own custom made street signs, follow my blog...comment on this post and identify what you would like your street names to be! This offer only lasts until Saturday at 7 PM. Note: May take a few days to receive them because I will be out of town this weekend!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Anxiety....and a few ideas to share...

So..I have not posted lately (or stalked my fav blogs) because I have been experiencing that overwhelming feeling I used to get when I am getting ready to go back to college...except I am going to be teacher! I am very confident in my ability to be a teacher--but all this setting up/trainings/etc. is really starting to get me very nervous! I can't wait for school to start--I just hope I get it all done in time. My furniture that we built is assembled and the final coat is drying as I type. I was able to find some used things from a few friends--such as student mailboxes and a lot of great resource books. I am able to start getting in and setting up my classroom this week and next--so keep your eye out for some pictures! Very excited to see how my plan in my head is going to pan out in that bare space....givin' it all the TLC I got!

Since I don't really have much to post yet--all my docs/projects are still in progress...I figured I would share past bulletin board ideas that I used while student teaching. I am so lucky that I get to be back in the SAME ROOM in which I student taught...LOVE to recycle ideas and old supplies!!!
 Our Classroom Flag -- I came into the classroom mid-year so I introduced myself using the concept of a flag and how different countries use flags to represent their lifestyle/culture/history/etc. and how we can do the same as individuals---they all created their own flags and then we connected them together to show how even though we are all different--we are each are a part of one, united classroom!

 This was created during "I love to read!" month. Can you spot the two classroom doors? Received so many compliments for this creation! Was one of my favorites! Each student decorated their own mug with a representation of their favorite book.
 Fraction Man was an idea of my cooperating teacher. This helps students see how different fractional parts make up one whole. They loved it!
 American Revolution
 We Grew a Great Year! Each flower petal has a topic that was covered throughout the year.
Not very academic--but very seasonal! ("Winter is "snow" much fun!")

Til next time!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some weekend projects...

So this weekend -- no matter how hard I try to resist doing "teacher stuff" -- I just cant. My wonderful step dad and boyfriend helped me starting building my shelves yesterday (2). We stained them and will assemble them today. Well--he may assemble them--I may take a day to sit by the pool :) :) Will post pictures when they are done. My classroom provides built ins--but not enough to store my book baskets for my reading corner or my listening center. Paid 70$ for the pine wood at the lumber store down the street. Not bad considering most book shelves are ridiculously overpriced and use horrible wood.

While my step dad (yes, yes I live at home still -- and my parents love to be involved in everything I do) was at lowes picking up some screws for the shelves, he came across the CUTE chairs. They are little bit smaller than the chairs my fourth graders usually sit in--however, they are very strong and they fit in so well with my "Library Park" theme--I was going to go with a children's park bench--but guess what?? These chairs with $7.36 a pop! Hope they make my student's bottom's happy!! :)
Also--my girlfriend dragged me to the mall the other day  (literally---didn't want to go, all my money goes to my classroom instead of my wardrobe right now) --and we came across a brand new store, HOBBY LOBBY! May be my new guilty pleasure. I went to Michaels 5 minutes before I walked into this store--NO COMPARISON (even with the teacher discount!) I bought replacement adhesive pads for my cricut, replacement blades, 3 packs of cardstock paper, paint, an unfinished wooden treasure chest and crate (for brain bubbles) --all for....GUESS???? $40.00 --This would be almost impossible anywhere else. Replacement blades alone are normally 10 bucks. This place was absolutely insane! If I had a house to furnish, this is where I would be shopping because all their decor is the absolute cutest. 

My brain bubbles crate is a tiny bit smaller than what is on Tonya's site--but I painted it a nice "Morning Blue". I also did the treasure chest in a bright bright metallic gold color. However--I need help on this one. I am not too sure how I want to implement this in my classroom. Any ideas?? My school already does tickets with our mascot on them to implement PBS--kids get called down every week or so. So--I definitely don't want to be managing the passing out of two different ticket types...I was thinking maybe those students who "stay on green" all week.  THOUGHTS??? 

P.S. How do I get my blog around? I want to be able to share more things with everyone--at the same time I want more people to share with!! I am not too good at this blogging bit yet...but I am getting there! Still can't figure out how to display the grab my button thing everyone has got going on. I grew up in the computer age--you think I would know.

Off to the pool---excuse any spelling/grammatical errors--quick post for me! Last week of summer school for me this week! Everyone enjoy summer while it's still here!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Oriental Trading came in today!!!!! :)

So after I spent my entire morning at the teacher center laminating and printing a bunch of wonderful items from fellow bloggers--I came home to find that my oriental trading order came in today! Yay! Below are a few pictures--will look so much nicer once they are in my room!
This is my classroom management piece--I will attach the cars to clothespins and put their names on them. All laminated--yay!

 So cheap on oriental trading! Great for probability lessons and all types of math fun--even fractions! Love the foam--you know how annoying regular dice can be on desktops!
 Cute file folder boxes--couldn't resist! Matched the theme so perfectly.
 Fraction cubes (blow up)
 Number Tiles
 Traffic lights (3) to hang from ceiling for our classroom community!
 Store all my deco junk!
Word Wall letters (not popular for 4th grade I have noticed many teachers do not do word walls, but I am going to give it a try! I still think it's super important!)

Can I get a holler back to all those teachers who are addicted to making their classroom as cute and homey as possible?? I need to quit. Hopefully--since this is my first year--I won't need to hit up the stores as much next year!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Classroom Theme/Management System

This year, I have decided to implement a "Community of Learners" theme. My outside welcome board will read "Baltz's Community of Learners". On this board I will create a town-like setting--with a train riding throughout the town. On the windows of the trains will be the students' faces/names following a "We all pull our own weight" saying. On my door will be an interstate sign "C-103" with a highway to success motivational saying. This is what I have planned for the inside thus far: Library Park (reading corner designated with children's park bench and mini park light), City Hall (by my desk with classroom jobs), Post Office (student mailboxes as well as completed work bin), Recycled Word (put overused words into recycle area to come out with a new, better word of choice!), Listening Station ("Fill up your ears with a good book"), Topic Train (topics of the week, skill, essential questions). For my student group tables --they will be designated by street name signs hanging from the ceiling. This will tie into my behavior management system.Traditional traffic light system that will be monitored using student car clips that have their names on them--with a little twist. "How's your engine running?" Most of what I have going on in my mind so far. So ready to get in my room and get to work! Below is the letter I have designed for students to send home to parents regarding the traffic light system. Props to my co-op for that idea!


Welcome to my blog! With school just around the corner--and being a first year teacher--the stress and overwhelming feelings have officially set in. With the help of many generous teachers on the blog I have been following--I have been inspired to share my ideas and creations with others! Teaching is truly my life right now and I am so excited to see where this year takes me.