Thursday, July 28, 2011

Classroom Theme/Management System

This year, I have decided to implement a "Community of Learners" theme. My outside welcome board will read "Baltz's Community of Learners". On this board I will create a town-like setting--with a train riding throughout the town. On the windows of the trains will be the students' faces/names following a "We all pull our own weight" saying. On my door will be an interstate sign "C-103" with a highway to success motivational saying. This is what I have planned for the inside thus far: Library Park (reading corner designated with children's park bench and mini park light), City Hall (by my desk with classroom jobs), Post Office (student mailboxes as well as completed work bin), Recycled Word (put overused words into recycle area to come out with a new, better word of choice!), Listening Station ("Fill up your ears with a good book"), Topic Train (topics of the week, skill, essential questions). For my student group tables --they will be designated by street name signs hanging from the ceiling. This will tie into my behavior management system.Traditional traffic light system that will be monitored using student car clips that have their names on them--with a little twist. "How's your engine running?" Most of what I have going on in my mind so far. So ready to get in my room and get to work! Below is the letter I have designed for students to send home to parents regarding the traffic light system. Props to my co-op for that idea!

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  1. Hi!!! I am your newest follower and I also am a new 4th grade teacher. I previously taught 2nd grade for four years!!! I can't wait to learn new ideas from you throughout this upcoming year.